Now You Can Fire Your Webmaster…

You’ve heard about WordPress, and you may have thought, “I don’t want a blog, I want a website.” Here’s the good news – you can use WordPress to build a fully functional website.  Have a blog? Add it.  Don’t want a blog? You don’t need one.  WordPress is the solution for people who want the freedom to build their own website, easily and at a price that meets any budget.

How Long Will it Take to Get Online?

wordpress tutorialsYou can be online in less than 30 minutes. How long before your website looks dynamite? That’s up to you. You can alter, modify, and download so many different elements with WordPress, all for FREE, that you might start and just want to keep going. Truthfully, you can have your website up and completely functional in less than an hour.

Think of how much time you’ll save. And better yet…no more having to write checks to your webmaster either. You can easily make changes to your website, any time, with very little effort!

How Much Experience Do You Need?

If you can log onto the internet and know how to download and upload files, you have enough skills to create your own WordPress website. As the hands-down easiest Content Management System, WordPress provides you with the opportunity to create your website very quickly.

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Get Your Domain

What’s in a name?  Everything!  You must have a domain (web address) before you do anything.  You can easily purchase a domain for about $15 through or

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Your Web Hosting

After purchasing your domain, you need to open an account with a web host. It’s the key component in making your website LIVE. Web hosting costs about $12 per month.

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Launching Your Site

Many people think “If I build it, they will come.” We thought that “Field of Dreams” was a cool movie too, but unfortunately the internet doesn’t necessarily work like that.

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